First Responder Decon Shower System


The DAT®2020S can be set up in less than a minute at any scene and is ideal where privacy and relative warmth are required. Complete PPE removal and bagging for washing at the station, along with redress can all be accomplished using the DAT®2020S.

  • Dimensions - Approx. 7′W X 7′L X 8′H
  • Area - 50 sq. ft.
  • Weight – 90 lbs

The DAT®2020S comes equipped with an electric inflator/deflator, 7 spray nozzle heads, one multi function trigger gun, and high pressure SCBA fitting. An integrally attached ground floor that will hold up to 100 gallons (400 liters) of water (with an 8”/20 cm berm approx.) before requiring pump out, 2 roll up windows – one on each side, 2 skylight, full closure slip in and out dirty entry/clean exit doors on each end,1 air inflation/deflation valve, one high pressure air fill valve and air inflation hose w. safety cord, 1 pressure relief valve, 4 metal stakes, hammer and ground anchor points, one 19”/48 cm HVAC Hanging Duct, 1 small electrical duct, Tie Down Ropes and 4 D-rings to tie off to, Repair kit, manual, shelter sleeve, and 2 upper air vents.


      • Heavy Duty Air Berms – FSI utilizes extremely heavy duty air berm construction in all DAT® series mass casualty portable hazmat decon shower systems. FSI uses the same 1100Dtex, quadruple overlapped and glued berms found in our wide range of transom rescue boats – known for the extreme conditions they are subjected to.
      • Extremely Rapid Deployment – FSI Portable Shower Systems are compact, fully integrated, and supplied complete in a heavy duty carry sleeve/bag. FSI Shower systems inflate virtually unaided – with the use of compressed air, or via a supplied electric inflator/deflator with a hands-free connector within minutes (size of unit and method of inflation dependent). The inflatable decontamination shower units are meant to be deployed simply and quickly – with modest training and few personnel.
      • Heavy Duty Construction – No matter which model or size, FSI shower systems offer incredible stability even in high wind conditions up to 70 mph (115 kph) and more when properly tied down/staked off.