Armtex® HP™ Hose


Highly engineered attack hose exhibiting exceptional kink and burn resistance for challenging environments.

General Applications:

  • Designed for low pressure/high volume nozzles
  • Available as 1 3/4" attack line and 2 1/2" master flow line


Composed of an outer jacket woven from 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn and an inner liner consisting of a one-piece extruded through-the-weave nylon reinforced NBR rubber tube.

Available in 25', 50' and 100' lengths.

Available colours - Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue

Features and Advantages:

  •  Outstanding kink resistance
  • Resists burn-through for a full minute* (Per BS 6391 heat resistance test)
  • Perfect fit of outer jacket and inner tube
  • High tenacity polyester/polyamide outer jacket
  • Oversized inner jacket for increased water flow
  • Lower friction loss than other double jacket hoses
  • Exceptional heat and cut resistance
  • Burst Resistance – Will not burst catastrophically even with a puncture through both the outer jacket and liner
  • 10-year warranty