MaskMate™ Particulate-Blocking Hood - Nomex/Lenzing


MaskMate™ Particulate-Blocking  Hood using STEDAIR® PREVENT with 99.9% Particulate-Blocking Efficiency

Honeywell's MaskMate™ hoods with Stedair® keep firefighters protected so they can do their job comfortably, safely, and with the confidence of having the best particulate-blocking hood technology. More than ever, wearing the right type of protective gear when stepping onto the fireground helps to keep firefighters safe and hazards and injuries away.

STEDAIR® PREVENT fabric, with a particulate-blocking efficiency of 99.9%, is especially designed to reduce exposure to carcinogenic particulates, while remaining air permeable and flame resistant.

  • Unique design that meets NFPA 1971 specifications
  • Superior particulate-blocking thanks to STEDAIR® PREVENT technology
  • Air permeable
  • Full particulate coverage – particulate-blocking layer extends full length of hood
  • Comfort top – no seam across the top of the head
  • Wide-view face opening – Provides maximum field of view
  • Knit-lined top - allows heat to escape
  • 21” length crown to bib

Available in Black.