Snap-tite UTX Large Diameter Hose


UTX LDH is the ultimate fighter, delivering maximum flow and high-test durability in a high-visibility, lightweight supply line.

Engineered with a rugged polyurethane thru-the-weave construction, this high-performance hose delivers superior abrasion and puncture resistance while remaining extremely light and durable, making UTX the optimum choice for a service worthy supply line.

  • Lightweight. UTX weighs 20% less than conventional rubber supply hose.
  • Tough. Rugged polyester jacket is reinforced with an advanced urethane polymer for increased puncture resistance that is five-times that of rubber hose.
  • Dependable. Extruded thru-the-weave polyurethane construction and ultra-smooth liner significantly minimizes friction loss and delivers greater flow.
  • Efficient. Unlike bulky rubber hose, UTX’s light, compact hose profile makes it easy to move and takes up less space in the hose bed.
  • Flexible. Remains flexible to -50°F (-46°C).
  • Ultra-Durable. UTX resists ozone, oxidation and most chemical/petroleum products; will not mold or rot; is kink resistant and snag-proof; and is guaranteed for life against delamination.
  • Certified. Manufactured in accordance with NFPA 1961 Standard, latest edition.

Hose Colours - Yellow, Red, Hi-Viz Green, Blaze Orange