Firefighter Rehab System


Firefighter rehabilitation is designed to ensure the physical and mental well-being of crews operating at the scene of an emergency.

The FSI Portable Pneumatic Shelter System for Firefighter Rehab helps protect from heat exhaustion/heat stroke, dehydration, fatigue, and hypothermia in all weather.

The Firefighter Rehab Shelter System includes:


  • Approx. 10’ W x 10’ L x 9’ H (3M x 3M x 2.7M), 100 sq. Ft. (9 M²)
  • 130 lbs. (59 Kg)
  • Carton size approx. = 130 x 108 x 68 cm (52” L x 32” W x 27” H)
  • 2 windows – one on each side & 2 skylights
  • 4 (four) 17”/43 cm HVAC/clothes inlet/outlets with tie closures – 2 each on opposite ends/sides
  • 10 metal stakes and 4 tie down ropes
  • Air volume approx. 60 cu. Ft
  • Approx. 70 mph wind resistance & approx. roof load 1,000 lbs.
  • Includes inflator/deflator, repair kit, SCBA fill hose, and carry bag


  • FSI Next generation 12 Volt (with 110 V to 12 V converter) combination air conditioner/evaporative portable chiller that removes heat and partial humidity from the air
  • Approx. 19" X 19" X 25" - 20 lbs. w/o water/ice
  • Equal to 8,000 BTU air conditioner with 3.5 amp draw on high/41 amps
  • Produces approx. 300 cu. ft/min. cfm at a velocity of 3,000 ft./min. at a normal speed level dBA of 59
  • Provides approx. 4/5 hours of effective cooling before refill required


  • Extremely heavy duty
  • Canopy fabric is U.V. / chemical resistant and fire retardant
  • Quick, efficient and simple to set up within 1-10 minutes (size and inflation method dependent)
  • Simple valving all on entry sides via supplied P-EID / P-EID-HD inflator / deflator with locking connector, or with compressed air using supplied high pressure air fill hose and universal F-SCBAF-H high pressure adapter
  • Floor and canopies attached, yet removable for ease of cleaning / repair
  • Standard colors are "FSI Blue"® green, white, red and tan / sand - other colours available upon request
  • All DAT® series ‘Temporary Structure’ shelters are supplied fully equipped and ready to be placed in service - Simply roll out, inflate, tie / stake down, and commence operations
  • Optional cross and center divider sections offered for privacy / undress / redress / other
  • Incredible stability even in high wind conditions to 70mph (115Kph) plus when properly tied down / staked off
  • Options include added skylights, added windows, side man doors, added HVAC / electrical ducts, stencils, logos, reflective striping, skylight covers, insulating inside canopies, gusseted inter-connectivity of shelters end to end or side to side, etc.
  • Multiple applications - tactical, command, field hospital, medical surge capacity, temporary housing, portable morgue, isolation, privacy shelter, anteroom, and many others

In accordance with NFPA 1851 all FSI Showers are ideal for firefighter wash down/decon immediately after exiting fire scene and prior to removal of any PPE.