The lightweight, state-of-the-art, one man hydraulic forcible entry tool. 

  • Smaller and lighter than many simple steel forcible entry tools that rely strictly on leverage, inertia, and strength of the operator.
  • The HYDRA-RAM is the first and only one-piece integrated, hydraulic forcible entry tool. No hoses or auxiliary pumps to leak or trip on.
  • While others take 30 to 40 pumps to gain full extension, the HYDRA-RAM does it in 8.
  • The HYDRA-RAM can be placed in any position, even upside down, without any effect on its operation. - A first in hydraulics.
  • No worry about maintenance or leaking fluid - a patented process incorporating integral aircraft seals of triplex quality is used.
  • The hydraulic fluid is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-freezing.
  • Special stainless steel of 220,000 tensile strength make up the jaws.
  • To insure lightness, the body is made of a special aluminum that is heat treated and hard anodized giving it a tactical black color.
  • Special finger grips are attached for non-slip holding.
  • A heavy cordura carry bag and 2 lb mallet compliments the unit.

Hydra Ram I - unit has a maximum thrust opening of 4", 13" length, 11 lbs.

Hydra Ram II - unit has a maximum thrust opening of 6", 15" length, 13 lbs.