Integritas™ X-Series Rechargeable Accessories

SKU: 5582-BATT

Replacement Li-ion Battery Pack for XPR-5582RX & 5582GX Series Lanterns

The 5582-BATT is a spare/replacement Lithium-ion battery for the XPP-5582RX and XPR-5582GX Intrinsically Safe Multi-Function Lanterns. Just like all Lithium-ion batteries, this unit has no recharge memory effect meaning it can be charged a little or a lot with no impact on the life of the battery.

Magnetic Base for XPR-5582RX & 5582GX Rechargeable Lanterns

Upgrade your XPR-5582RX & XPR-5582GX lanterns equipped with standard rubber pad and add flexible, hands-free lighting when needed. The replacement base is constructed of silicon rubber and embedded with four rare-Earth magnets that hold the lantern securely with 25 pounds of pull force. Uses existing mounting screws.