Ladder Wax


Clean ladders last longer and properly lubricated ladder sections slide easier and simply work better.

Regardless of the manufacturer, age or material, all ladders will extend and retract easier and smoother if the contacting parts have some lubrication on these surfaces.

Duo-Safety Ladder suggests candle wax or paraffin wax as your best lubrication. This wax coats and works into the pores of the ladder material and does not easily wash away with frequent water baths.

Extend the ladder and simply rub the wax over and onto all of the contacting parts.

NOTE: Do not forget to coat the lock parts (lock hook and finger) with wax as this reduces the wear on the rungs as these parts move over the rungs every time the ladder is used. CLEAN and WAX and INSPECT every 6 months to keep ladders accident free.