O-Tool Kit for Through-the-Lock Forcible Entry


This kit is an ideal assigned tool in separation from ladder companies in Hi-rise fires, search, or examination procedures. Chiefs: Carry this kit for added protection in all fire and emergency conditions. For through-the-lock method of forcible entry, the "O" Tool removes the lock cylinder and the Kerry Key slides or turns the mechanism.

  • An ideal separation tool
  • Includes "O" Tool (Officers Tool), Kerry Key and Shove Knife
  • Made by a firefighter for firefighters
  • Kit includes: Kerry Key and Holder, Shove Knife


  • Rim Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Tubular Locks
  • Key-In-Knob Locks
  • Fox Police Brace Locks
  • Fox Police Double Locks
  • Probes During Primary Search
  • Vents Windows
  • Makes Examination Holes
  • Serves As A Portable Pry Bar
  • Removes Locks on Car Trunks