Super Glove™ Wristlet Gloves


*Item has been discontinued. Limited quantities available in sizes listed. 

Only the Super Glove contains patented Air Spacer™ Thermal Architecture. This architecture traps air for thermal protection without adding bulk to the glove. 

The unparalleled feeling of this glove is further enhanced with digital grip palms and fingers to maximize tactility and grip.


  • Bubble-Flex Finger & Knuckle Construction - Dead-air spacer ridges allow natural, unencumbered hand flexing
  • Air Spacer Thermal Architecture - Traps air for thermal protection without adding bulk
  • Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Strong Top Grain Kangaroo Leather on Glove Back - For easy flexing, exceptional durability, and abrasion resistance
  • True 3D Hand-Shaped Styling - Anthropomorphically correct three-dimensional shape of the hand
  • Black Digiroo Digital Kangaroo Grip Palms and Fingers - For incredible durability, grip, and tactility
  • Black Eversoft Cowhide Cuffs
  • Crosstech Moisture Barrier & Kevlar/Nomex Thermal Liner - High-temperature resistance, stable, and durable

Certifications - Wristlet model - NFPA 1971, Structural, NFPA 1951, Utility, Tech Rescue & Recovery, NFPA 1999, EMS, NFPA 1992, Liquid Splash.