Wide-Adz Pro Bar Halligan


The Wide-Adz Pro-Bar from Fire Hooks Unlimited, is a one-piece drop forged tool with an extra 1” added to the 2” adz for a total of 3” in width. This modification makes inward forcible entry a breeze.

Great for overhauling debris with the wide adz and extra strike surface. 

  • Derived from the best selling Pro-Bar
  • Great for forcible entry and overhauling
  • Drop forged, one piece alloy steel construction
  • 3” adz
  • Length: 30”, weight: 13 lbs.

The right tool to tackle a hundred critical tasks at the fire scene. Pry, pound, puncture, twist, cut open, or remove all types of barriers between emergency service personnel and endangered lives.

Feel confident using this tool to break through doors, locks, and obstructions.

Open up ceilings, walls, floors, and moldings with power, speed and effectiveness.

Developed by the Forcible Entry Instructor of the NYFD, this Halligan-type forcible entry tool was the result of years of research and countless interviews with fire chiefs and firefighters in the FDNY and many other large and small departments.